Every professional needs a website, so here is mine.

I've recently graduated from Plymouth University with a Media Arts degree. I have spent a lot of time broadening my skillset by working on many different projects, which you can find on this website.

I have previously enjoyed playing characters in my work as I also have a background in performance. This means that I have had plenty of experience in writing and directing my own work. Each character has needed countless hours of research in order to nail stereotypes, and with every character I have learned new techniques in terms of production quality and video editing to make the overall project a bigger success each time. 

Whilst working on these projects which have centered around myself I have also undertaken roles in many group projects, acting as a main part of the planning and research stages, generating lots of ideas that have made it into the final product. I have also used my skills in video editing and directing in order to make these projects work both aesthetically and conceptually. One of my favourite examples of this is my contribution to the pilot of Cheap Thrills, which was a TV show about how students can save money. My input lead to a lot of big decisions, including the name of the show itself, as well as several of the main segment ideas. I also managed to get myself on camera in two different segments, managing to convince the audience that I had a vast knowledge of politics and fashion.

I've also recently started to learn Fruity Loops, in order to be able to make music for my work. The main techniques I've used so far is resampling, and creating drum loops and 808s from scratch. My next aim is to work on my music theory so that I can implement chord progression correctly, and start to produce entire songs from scratch. I've linked an attempt at making music with FL studios below, it doesn't show the biggest range of techniques but I feel as a singular track it works conceptually. 

I hope to become a teacher one day, as without the positive effect of my media teachers I would have never taken the opportunities that I have done by going to university, and I would never have pushed myself to have the work ethic that I have. I hope that I can have a similar effect on the next generation of students. But my best teachers spent years dedicated to learning their craft, so whilst I would love to get into teaching, I want to explore the media industry as much as I can before commiting to teaching, so that I can speak from experience like my teachers did with me.

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