For my final major project at University I have decided to make a film. Something that has always grabbed my attention is YouTube, as I've been following the progress of the platform since almost day 1. YouTube can be a great tool for those wishing to learn new things, or can simply be a new platform to watch entertaining content on. It can be...

It can also be host to a bunch of celebrities with no other intentions than to exploit their fanbase. By making content that appeals to a young impressionable audience, they can then utilise clever brand deals and merchandise sales to sell things to their fanbase. I am aware that there isn't an issue with selling things to an audience, my issue is with how you sell it. When you cram advertisements down a teenagers throat, and make them feel excluded for not participating, then they will eventually crack and buy whatever it is you have to offer. When you're selling a £10 T-Shirt that you designed yourself? Not too many issues there. When you're selling them a £50 advent calendar which only has 12 doors in it? I take some issue to that.

(not clickbait) is a film that explores the theme of exploitation, money and power through the platform of YouTube. Following the life of mid-tier YouTuber ItsKyle123, we see all the arguments and the dramas that he has with his agent, as we see Kyle make every attempt to grow his channel, and also his bank balance.

(not clickbait) is set for public release for the 8th of June. but you lucky people can to see it now.

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