I have spent a lot of my life trying to make content that makes people laugh... 

Here is a list of some of those attempts.

Gavin Porter - the documentary.

Having spent a lot of my teenage years being involved in the Exeter punk scene (yes, it does exist,) I had a lot of negative opinions towards the far-right on the political spectrum. Stemming from this came the Gavin Porter mockumentary. I created the character based on stereotypes such as EDL members and Britain First comments sections. Using this information, I made clear links between the ideologies that these people follow, and a comedic twist that helps the audience to see the humour in an otherwise upsetting viewpoint.

Highlights: Being able to properly script some content that resulted in a short length film

Lowlights: Having to eat a tomato ketchup sandwich with a mouth filled with Special Brew. 

James Jones - A day in the life of. - Trailer.

This is another piece of work that I had the opportunity to script. Unfortunately due to time restraints and a short deadline, we were unable to finish the entire pilot episode. This meant that we had to convert it into a trailer. I still feel the production values of the trailer are very good, and you can see a clear direction of where the humour was going. It was initially intended to share the same audience demographic of the platform Dave, but upon reflection I feel the comedy is a different taste, but still retains many funny moments. I had a big scripting and acting role in this project, as well as a lot of work with directing. We also had to liaise with a local pub to film at, which helped improve my organisational skills. If we had more time, I would have helped with the editing, because although it's not badly edited, there are areas which are confusing due to the way it was cut, and it would have improved the project tenfold if I had the opportunity to get involved more.

Highlights: Being a team leader in terms of creative direction, and producing elements of a resolved final piece.

Lowlights: Not being able to achieve our full potential within the time frame (but to our credit, we were very optimistic with attempting to make a half hour long pilot, when we could have submitted a script.)

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