Although I've used comedy as a big influence in a lot of my work, I have ventured outside of my comfort zone in projects to try and make something more "serious" at times. 

...everybody should have somebody to skate with. - Short film, in collaboration with Pasty Skateboards.

This is a short film that I made with the help of local skate brand Pasty Skateboards. I wanted to create a film about community, which spreads a positive attitude and a sense of belonging. The project was not as resolved as I would have liked, due to limitations with filming dates and the fact I wasn't working with actors. I still feel that the edit itself is a good example of my skills, and the work still evokes a wide array of emotions.

Highlights: Exploring the links between fingerboarding  and skateboarding in a way that hasn't been done before.

Lowlights: Not fully nailing the narrative.

Cheap Thrills - TV Pilot.

Cheap Thrills was a pilot TV show that was created by a large group of people. I took a very hands on role in the beginning  process, coming up with a lot of ideas for the project, such as having a fashion segment, how the fashion segment should be, the name of the TV show etc. Throughout the process, I made sure to involve myself in the directing and editing of the fashion  segment, whilst also taking a lead role in front of the camera. I also helped script a political discussion encouraging students to vote, and talked about what political parties had to say about student issues. This meant that I gave myself the opportunity to work on both the pre-recorded and the live segments of the show.

Highlights: Learning exactly how a TV studio works and operates.

Lowlights: Working in a project so large where success and failure was at times out of my control, but luckily on the day everybody pulled through.

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